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Comprehensive IT services geared around your business and technical requirements

UmbrellaDev provides a comprehensive array of IT and digital services to meet the most complex business and technical needs. Alongside our cloud-based software solutions, we offer clients a full range of web and IT systems development, maintenance, support and project related services.
UmbrellaDev services including payment processing, data systems, and customer engagement platforms, integrated and installed within rapid mutually-agreed development time frames.

Clients choose UmbrellaDev based on our ability to deliver cost-effective solutions on time, within budget and to the most exacting business and technical specifications.

UmbrellaDev has considerable experience providing complex payments, fundraising and data solutions for major corporate and non-profit clients.

Why not benefit from a one stop service provider that can meet your most complex requirements and customised needs?

Choose reliability, innovation and a dedication to results

We offer fully outsourced services, equally we can work well and in partnership with your in-house IT team:

  • Bespoke IT adaptations & systems development
  • Cloud-based software specialists
  • Expert analyst and advice
  • Website design & development
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Pre-approved merchant accounts
  • Multiple currency handling
  • Consultation, strategy and planning
  • Turnkey solution implementation
  • Website hosting services
  • IT maintenance services
  • Upgrades & migration
  • Incremental implementation projects
  • Large-scale IT data projects
  • Bespoke custom-designed solutions
Project Intervention

Whether you need us to intervene with a failing or stalling project, add extra resources to meet a deadline, take a leading role where leadership is missing, or even if you want us to start again and on a tight deadline, we have got it covered.

Our intelligent, customer-focused and flexible approach is tried and tested and we are renowned experts in providing specialist treatment and care for web projects at any stage in the life cycle.

Project Intervention

Custom Systems

Drive process efficiencies, improve financial and data management and reduce costs with tailor-made IT systems and software solutions, providing advanced business intelligence and performance.

We specialise in complex systems development for businesses and non-profits, working with multi-sector organisations around the world who are relying on us to deliver mission critical systems. Web-based management systems can be developed around your precise work processes and other special requirements, from professional analysis of requirements through to delivery and maintenance.

Managed Hosting

Choosing our premium quality managed hosting solutions allows you to concentrate on your core business activities, and without the need for heavy duty investment or the hassle of managing your own IT infrastructure resources.

We offer industry leading managed hosting support to all our clients, that combines the highest-grade security standards, with optimum technical reliability, complete with automatic updates, regular system and data back-ups and 24/7 professional server support.

Managed Hosting

Social Media Training

Social media marketing giving your business a headache? It doesn’t have to be that way…

Trusted techniques designed to ensure your business prospers online

If you need support to boost your social media for business, help is on the way… Our tailored social media programmes will show you how to use social media to achieve your business goals, creating dynamic online communities, and encouraging customers to engage with you and actively promote your business.

Social Media Training

Consulting Services

UmbrellaDev clients benefit from an exceptional range of technical and business expertise from one source.

As well as providing premium quality web and systems development services and advice, UmbrellaDev are well positioned to offer an impartial and holistic view of IT and digital systems.

Alongside comprehensive development services we can offer analysis of existing IT strategies and digital systems, with a view to development or improvement.

Systems Upgrade

We are experts in upgrading IT systems successfully and cost-effectively, working with large and medium sized projects.

We have considerable experience in updating data systems and client-facing web technologies, including upgrades related to customer engagement, memberships, fundraising and payments.

This knowledge is combined with a flexible and straightforward approach to meet our customers expectations and requirements. Our focus is on implementation of projects within agreed time-scales, and prompt relevant communications at all times.

IT Support
UmbrellaDev solutions are continually managed and updated on the cloud, but we also provide a customer-centric, IT support service to deal with on-demand requirements. Our flexible, tailored services includes technology consultancy and issue related support, and also problem resolution, training and configuration support. Whether you need IT support to supplement your in-house resources or a fully outsourced solution, this can be tailored to your requirements.
Systems Management
Why not benefit from the expertise of our experienced, multi-disciplinary international team? As your business grows, sophisticated IT solutions become a more important foundation for business success. Managing data and operations successfully relies on timely access to data and reliable and well maintained functionality, so support needs become increasingly crucial over time. If you are seeking a single point of contact for digital technology and IT support we are here to help.
Custom Web Development
Our fully customisable web solutions are seamlessly integrated with other websites and offer layers of functionality, including processing of payments, social media and customer engagement tools. We specialise in web-based management systems and bespoke website functionality including e-commerce, fundraising, payments technology and social media, developed around work processes and other special requirements.
Complete Web Solutions

As well as specialising in the design and build of websites UmbrellaDev hosts, manages and maintains websites, offering an unrivalled single port of call for organisations with complex requirements. Websites can be designed, altered and delivered with centralised hosting and maintenance and a rich array of custom features.

Our services provide organisations with extensive front and back-end technology to meet their exact requirements, and with all the support and ongoing involvement they need. Projects are delivered on time and with a superior attention to detail.

Complex Data Services

Custom data services for businesses, public sector and non-profit organisations include systems migrations and updates, data feeds tools, abstract submission and management systems for seminars/congresses, awards nomination and review management.

Whether it be consulting or special projects development and management, we combine high-level IT expertise especially with regards financial technology, website systems and cloud-based systems. We are experts in online financial technology, data manipulation, systems migration, online security, and other bespoke requirements.

Complete web and IT solutions for the private and non-profit sector

With a reputation for high standards of customer care, UmbrellaDev works extensively with non-profit organisations and businesses, because we know their requirements are the same: a need for continual innovation to boost competitiveness, and the upgrade of inefficient systems, whether it be internal data systems or customer facing digital technologies.

Our agile services can help drive growth, facilitate scale-up, reduce costs and excite and satisfy customers, employees and business partners.

Our services include software maintenance and support solutions which can help drive down costs, empower productivity, manage complexity and reduce business risks, enabling your business to succeed long into the future.

Our core mission is all about ensuring your satisfaction and that means ensuring your organisation gets everything it needs to drive it forward.

UmbrellaDev’s custom built solutions are provided with no end of life, and clients can access 24-hour back up and support from our elite programming team in London and Geneva, as well as ongoing professional analysis of technical and business requirements.