About Us

Transform your business with cutting edge applications built on the cloud

With a prestigious client list and track-record UmbrellaDev is at the cutting-edge of innovation and service delivery in the cloud-based technology sphere. We pride ourselves on our depth of understanding and ability to work well with leading organisations in not only the corporate sector, but the humanitarian and fundraising sectors, and a mixture of both. UmbrellaDev combines the considerable experience of our specialist development and digital strategist teams, who are building on decades of success working at the highest level.

Benefit from an exceptional range of technical, business expertise and support from one source

  • Supporting large corporations, NGOs and agencies with tailored IT and software development, from implementation, delivery stage and beyond.
  • We help clients with development services, site hosting, and offer a unique set of integrated software solutions.
  • Cloud-based e-commerce, web fundraising and payments systems.
  • Dedicated hosting, web development, systems management and IT support.
  • Web-based management systems developed around your precise work processes and other special requirements, from professional analysis of requirements through to delivery and maintenance.
  • Integrated cloud-based multi-functional customer engagement platform offering streamlined reporting.

Who are we?

At the forefront of innovation in cloud-based payment software and fundraising technology

We are a unique online solutions provider and software house based in London. Started in 2008 and operational since 2010, UmbrellaDev offers a platform of powerful online tools that include international payments processing and e-commerce solutions.

Our Xperedon payments platform handles online payment processing and provides secure payment processing accounts to all customers, covering Visa, MasterCard, and Amex payments worldwide, and with the ability to process in 135 currencies. Our cloud-based e-commerce solution, with built-in multi-currency payment processing, plugs easily into websites and works with social media including Facebook.

All our platform tools are designed to be managed completely online, using a simple and friendly interface, with content embedded into websites according to requirements. By leveraging our cloud-based software solutions, the development of websites, and enhancements to existing websites, is rapid and economical.

UmbrellaDev’s team of digital experts are headquartered in Central London. The Xperedon Cloud is based in the USA, employing state-of- the-art security and services, and backed-up by a 24/7 server support team.

UmbrellaDev’s digital transformation team and its online solutions are highly adaptable to diverse requirements, and our international company offers specialist knowledge of complex systems integration and data management. Trusted by organisations around the world to deliver and maintain mission critical systems, our mission is to use state-of-the-art technology to remove burdensome overheads that erode efficiency and profitability.

Why not find out more about our flexible cloud-based tools, and our dedicated approach to systems and software development, that is built around our customers unique requirements?


Embrace innovative technologies and meet your complex challenges head on?


Some of our brands:


Xperedon provides secure payment processing accounts to all customers, covering Visa, MasterCard and Amex payments worldwide, and with the ability to process in 135 currencies.


CHarity NETwork is the portal for accessing our cloud-based fundraising kit, available to any international charity.


Cloud-based e-commerce engine that plugs straight into your website and works in Facebook too.

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