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An expert hosting service is the recommended choice

At UmbrellaDev we understand the value of cloud-based WordPress web development and hosting solutions, and we are pleased to provide many leading organisations with the service they require when seeking a managed hosting service to combine with their front end WordPress development needs.

WordPress is a world class website Content Management System (CMS) that can be combined with a hosting solution to create a successful website operation that can lead to positive outcomes for organisations seeking agility and growth, and one that is now in use by many major B2B and B2C organisations throughout the world. As a specialist in WordPress development and managed hosting, UmbrellaDev is pleased to offer a complete WordPress solution for businesses and non-profits, allowing you to rest easy that all elements of running your WordPress site are under the control of our expert developers and IT professionals who are used to managing the most complex web and data configurations, and know the ins and outs of every aspect of WordPress hosting and site management.

If you are a business who does not want the headache of running the technical side of your WordPress website operations and for these responsibilities to get in the way of your core operations, then our managed WordPress hosting service is for you. Our managed WordPress solutions combine professional class support and technical maintenance, ensuring the operation of your website could not be any easier.

Our managed hosting service will free up your time and allow you to reduce your in-house costs and ensure peak levels of efficiency for your website operation.

Agile performance combined with professional on-going technical and operating systems support

If you need expert support to manage your WordPress operations through the multiple challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, our hosting support solution offers an easy and cost-effective way of ensuring your systems remain at the optimal levels of efficiency and performance that you require.

If you are a business in a growth phase, you will need professional back up for your hosting. If you are seeking reliability, speed, flexibility and scalability, with on call back up and support then choose UmbrellaDev as your managed hosting provider.

Why not speak to us today and let’s get your professional managed hosting solution underway?

Support your business scalability with a trusted IT partner offering state-of- the-art managed hosting, plus comprehensive web, IT and software services

  • Complete managed hosting support and maintenance solution
  • Automatic updates and restore points ensuring ongoing peace of mind
  • 24/7 server back up and support minimising the threats of downtime
  • Configured servers specially designed for optimal website operations
  • Multiple layers of security that defend your system against threats
  • Flexible front and back end development support as required
  • Managed hosting and comprehensive cloud-based web data solutions

And remember our services do not stop with hosting, our comprehensive web, data and software solutions allow you to take advantage of all the bespoke cloud-based services you require, for all your technical and service delivery requirements.

Whether your company needs a dedicated hosting solution or a more comprehensive level of IT, data systems, software and web development support we are here to help.

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